Contr-Lic #839924
Welding-Cert #4730

D.E.E.CO. Services


Welding/FabricationCustom fabrication at our shop or mobile to your location, we offer repair and installation of piping-flanges-flow lines-shaker slides-stands and many other types of repair for our customers needs.


DegassersWe offer complete tear down and refurbishing of Drilco type atmospheric de-gassers and vertical or horizontal vacuum degasser, from pump/motor repair, impeller replacement, shaft build up and machining, tub replacement to bearing and motor repair.

Motor/Pump Repair

D.E.E.CO. offers 178 and 250 series style pumps either mechanical or packing seals, flow rates from 200 up to 1800 GPM, built on a skid mount frame coupled up with a  3 phase 480/240 electric motor, pump / motor size depends on flow rates.

Mechanical Repair

We offer many types of rig repair on rig owned equipment including, welding and fabrication, mud handling equipment,rotary and hoist, derrick, diesel engine, fuel-air-hydraulic, 3 phase electrical including motor-and motor control.

Shale Shakers

Shale ShakersMany types of shaker repair and refurbishment are offered, from single/dual tandem standard to linear motion, from single panel screen deck to 3 panel screen deck, Basket crown repair, resizing tension bolt holes, replacing mounting springs, shock mounts, motor/bearing and pre-tension deck assemblies. Shale Shakers Shale Shakers Shale Shakers


Manifolds/ValvesOther custom fabrication include manifold sections, equipment stands, flooring and grating, stairways/ladders and many other plumbing or piping needs.